Omnichannel Marketing

„Omni“ from „omnis“ (lat.: all, each)

Omnichannel means that all channels are used comprehensively and interlink with each other.

The new shape of work

Field work as we knew it before the pandemic no longer exists in its familiar form. In the wake of the pandemic, pharmaceutical sales representatives, like many others, had to reduce their field work to a minimum. Online communication was now often the only way to do their job. Now there are often attempts to reintroduce the old structures instead of using these new possibilities. However, many doctors and pharmacies are not interested in this, as they have recognised and learned to appreciate the many benefits of the new communication channels long ago.

Since pandemic-like conditions and the resulting new form of work in the field can still be expected in the future, it is becoming more and more important to deal with this and use it for one’s own benefit. The solution: establishing an omnichannel marketing concept.





Omnichannel describes the consideration and use of all physical and digital channels in marketing. This all-encompassing design achieves a seamless and consistent experience across all channels.

With an omnichannel concept, data is made available across all channels and can therefore be accessed at any time. This is especially so with individual user information, which is stored on one channel but must also be taken into account on all others.

The really new thing about the concept of omnichannel marketing is that these communication channels are almost completely made available to the field staff. He can decide individually which channel is selected for which meeting or with which doctor. This requires a sensible bundling of the many communication channels and thus also a new, closer cooperation between office and field staff.

We turn field workers into communicators

Consequently, the historical notion of the manager of one’s territory has re-emerged in a new form. Therefore, it is important to reinvent and set up the field service in this form. This requires intensive training, education and equipment of the field sales force. Pöhler Consult is your partner for this.

Furthermore, omnichannel marketing is also the answer to sustainable marketing in the overall concept of a pharmaceutical company. It is the contemporary answer to the changing framework conditions and the utilisation of new possibilities. Thus, new perspectives and communication possibilities can be used with high turnover. The traditionally extremely strong bond between doctor and pharmaceutical representative is therefore updated and reinvented.

Together, let us reposition your field service and take advantage of the new realities.